by Work Friend

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released October 1, 2014

Words By Spencer Hannemann
Music By Work Friend:

Spencer Hannemann - Guitar, Vocals
Jon O'Brien - Bass, Keys, Vocals
Brandon Osorio - Guitar, Vocals
Alex Teubert - Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by Jon O'Brien
With Assistant Engineer Dan Miller
At The Music Box Studios in Tustin, California

Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper
At TurteTone Studios in Manhattan, New York

Art and Design by Scott Milton Brazee
With Some Drawings by Jacob Tilley

(c) 2014: Work Friend



all rights reserved


Work Friend California

Spencer Hannemann
Jon O'Brien
Brandon Osorio
Alex Teubert

Mixing feel- good sonic sunshine with wonderfully raspy vocals seems to be the perfect combination for California based indy rock band, Work Friend. I can’t stop listening to this unassuming stunner. Album opener “Any Good” is the perfect open road song to help soundtrack your summer-to-autumn transition in style.
- Noise Trade
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Track Name: Any Good
I was never any good
At saying what I ought to say
And I kneel only to myself
Fingers crossed I’ll change someday

But I wanted her
‘Cause she wanted me
So I gave my youth
To that cold black sea

The state of mind bestowed on me
Didn’t suit my humble needs
But when altered modestly
Proved to fracture everything

But I wanted this
‘Cause she needed that
Now I dug so deep
That I can’t turn back

Now my days are spent waiting
On my next epiphany
Track Name: Called Me Jesus
When I left home
I spoke with God
He called me Jesus
He’s getting old

I met a friend
Who has a car
We sold our souls
We bought some drinks
I met a lady
With hair like yours

This place is cursed
And I’ve no money
I’ve only lust
I’ve only sin
I’ve only bruises
From where I’ve been

She tastes like gin
Her hands were scarred
My hands were tied
My eyes were shut

Her makeup ran
Her husband wept
As she bled me dry
Her eyes were wide
Track Name: The Hicks Canyon Band Goes To Vegas
Beckoned by some brunette sisters
Stacks of colored pictures, pills
Assurances of the best time we’ve ever had

We stood with eyes dilated
Condensation crawls from off the glass
Over our scarred Californian hands

Their bruises matched their dresses’ black
As we stood paralyzed with shame
An upturned nose with one eye closed
Your cocktail in a place I used to know
Kept unsafely between your legs

Dead eyed made up faces
Young and graceless with shoes that make them tall
Men with families buy their drinks

They hoover off the toilet tanks
Then work in banks when Monday comes
Or teach special education

These future mothers’ goateed lovers
Promise rooms with a good view
Shirts with crosses, memories lost
Save for some pictures of their food
And some of their drinks

Knotted in the black five gallon trash bag
Were drafts of your last note
All were selfish, all were honest

Punctuation flaws and penmanship aside
I couldn’t bear to leave them rotting
With the bottles and the flies
Track Name: Shirt
I was taking off my shirt and you were laughing
I turn around you stare strabismic at my torso
And I felt some semblance
Of empathetic envy
For I once was a child too

I was dreaming of a surgery gone badly
You were dreaming of the men you could have had
And I dreamt of victims feeding
Their abusers willingly
And I’ve heard that mostly poison tastes quite sweet

I was taking off my shoes and you were laughing
In the yellow light of your new favorite bar
And I poured myself a strong one
While you clutched his arm
And I’ve heard that mostly poison tastes quite sweet
Track Name: Hideous Weight
I’ve been mistaken
She’s in one of her moods
And it’s no good complaining
About funeral food

And me in my armor
I was sweating
Like some metaphor
A brother on each arm
She was dragging
Both feet on the floor

So I made the front lawn in record time
My throat thanked me kindly for smoke
And if I were honest
And we both know I’m not
I was grateful for the hideous show

Then back at my mom’s house
I watched you pack up
You watched me get high

Your homodontic
Smile flashes at me
How are you laughing
With such tragic eyes

And me with my sweat stains
And unlucky last name
And you at death’s door

Skin jaundiced and flaking
There ain’t no mistaking
We’re south of order

So I watched your taillights fade serpentine
And wondered when last I had ate
And if I were honest
And we both know I’m not
I was grateful for the hideous weight
Track Name: Prophets And Salesmen
Wake up Maggie
The river’s jumped its banks
The kids are crying
You’ll tell me it’s such a shame

Preacher’s been saying
The flood of the lord has come
Soldiers and thieves
All run with their loaded guns

The river’s been dry now
For fifteen years or more
Prophets and salesmen
Done stopped knocking
‘Round your door

Just don’t come back to Tampa
Track Name: Hands To Bleed
This ain’t flying
I’m not driving
She’s not buying
What I’ve fed her
For years

Kid’s not trying
I’m just sighing
Honey you ain’t dying
You’ve been dead
For years

Lord knows I work my hands to bleed
Sewing seeds of new machines
Evangelists down on their knees
They pray for me but I still ain’t seen
The cash come in
Or anything

Jaundiced faces
Tell me pace it
You won’t make it
They’ve been sober
For weeks

I ain’t safe here
Same as last year
I won’t last here
I’m on my way
To Hell

But I remember everything
Except the more important parts
And the less important parts
I might remember everything
Track Name: Two Ways
Well I was shaking like struck drum
When the time comes you won’t have to wonder why

Outside your temperamental dad’s house
In a borrowed car we learned to be adults

Learned to touch and drink
And smoke what we could smoke

I talked you out of faith
And then I let you go

Walls that won’t return the flashlight
I claim whatever culpability was mine

There’s two ways to make something seem smaller
Make it smaller or make everything else tall

Maybe you’ll think of me
When the tall begin to fall

Or maybe forgive me
For settling on being small
Track Name: Vultures
Long gone
But you speak on
On a poor song

In my mind it’s still raining
And you know I ain’t complaining
‘Cause I always hated getting dry

Love’s just an expression
Like I love you like a death wish
Or I love you like I love goodbyes

Know this
Taste this
Take this
You can keep it

Ghosts gave me a reason
Even though I didn’t need one
But I can’t remember what it was

Fathers preach the answer
To a question I ain’t asking
And I’m not sure what this town’s become
Track Name: Slouching
A crucifix a filthy window
Glassy eyed reluctant widows
A white dog on the porch
Suppose it’s me who bears the torch
But there’s no way to know

Help me up I’m going somewhere
Don’t know where but you can’t come there
Might be fishing might be drums
All I know is you can’t come
So you just wait here

The hills and I ignore your pleading
And wonder where your reverie went
Could it be it was never there
I drink alone in a fold-out chair
While my hair’s receding

Fish won’t bite you won’t be quiet If
I still could I might be crying
What a shame we had to waste
All that time and all that faith
Hell at least we tried it

In my defense
I wasn’t slouching
Toward Bethlehem
I’d call it staggering